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AEBC2 Workshop

The AEBC2 workshop has been established as a yearly meeting of European bioinformatics core facilities, covering all scientific and service aspects.

6th AEBC2 Event 2022

The sixth edition of the AEBC2 workshop will take place at the ECCB conference on Sunday, September 18th, 2022 in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain. It will be an in-person event - we look forward to meeting you! Each year, there is a different focus topic; for 2022 we selected Mass Spectrometry and Multi-Omics Bioinformatics

Registration and call for abstracts has started!

Call for Abstracts

Submit your abstract for a contributed talk by sending e-mail to by 8th of August 2022.

Abstract towards contributed talks within the scope of the workshop goals are welcome. Selection will be done by the AEBC2 organization committee.


AEBC2 is open to all ECCB participants at no extra cost.


We have the pleasure to announce the following keynote speakers Phillip Mertins, BIMSB/MDC, Berlin, Germany and Marina Gay, BIST/IRB Barcelona, Spain.

Session 1

9:00 Welcome Address

9:15 Keynote presentation & discussion

Phillip Mertins, BIMSB/MDC Berlin, Germany, Title: Navigating proteomics techniques for molecular profiling of clinical cancer cohorts

10:00 Bioinformatics core facility management training - availability and challenges, Eva Alloza, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)

10:20 TBA, Sven Nahnsen, University of Tübingen

10:40 Cell type-specific gene co-expression modules and expression signatures define tumor heterogeneity in melanoma patients, Lars Bosshard, ETH Zurich

11:00 End of 1st Session

Session 2

11:15 Keynote presentation & discussion

Marina Gay, BIST/IRB Barcelona, Spain, Title: Protamine Characterization by Top-Down Proteomics: Boosting Proteoform Identification with DBSCAN

12:00 Best Practice Session (Open Discussion & One Slide Presentations)

12:45 Closing Remarks

13:00 End of Workshop

Social Event

In addition we will organise a social event in the evening for all participants to further foster core unit networking. Please do sent an email to by 1st of September 2022 if you want to participate.

Goals & Scope

The number of bioinformatics core units in industrial and academic research environments is growing rapidly. The AEBC2 workshop provides an exchange opportunity for scientific and service aspects of bioinformatics core facilities in Europe.

This year the event is focusing on Mass Spectrometry and Multi-Omics Bioinformatics.

The general goals of the workshop are:

We address publicly used analysis infrastructures, bioinformatics services and research, as well as translational bioinformatics issues like integration of bio-banking, medical information (records) and the corresponding genomic information. The topics discussed include, but are not limited to, ideas, new solutions and best practices in :

We address publicly used analysis infrastructures, bioinformatics service and research, as well as translational bioinformatics issues like integration of bio-banking, medical records, and the corresponding genomic information.


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